Enjoy looking thru, and listening to, this collection of some 1500 (and growing)
Songs of the 1950's.   

Use the Drop-Down menu boxes at the top of this page to select various ways to peruse the collection, play a selection, or find a particular 1950's song or artist.
Using the "Number 1 Hits By Year" Drop-Down menu above, check out the Number 1 hit songs from each year of the 1950's.   Note the hit song when we began JBHS in September of 1955 and the hit song when we graduated in June of 1958.   Interesting.
Use the "Personal Playlist" Menu above to compile and save your Personal Song List, and to call it up for continued listening enjoyment.
To share any thoughts on this "Songs" section of our class website, email tanderson@jbhs58.com